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This document is a Test Plan for ICICICenter-Xiii, 2010 January Release produced by Quality Assurance. It describes the testing strategy and approach to testing that QA will employ to validate the quality of the product prior to release. It also contains various resources required for the successful completion of the project, the risks and contingencies involved and the roles and responsibilities of the concerned authorities

A number of different levels of testing may be appropriate within the development methodology.  A hierarchy of plans may be required to provide adequate control of these different levels of testing.  The complexity of the test planning documents will depend on the overall scope of the development project.  For a small project, a single test plan, identifying the appropriate testing levels and tasks, would be appropriate; a project of substantial scope, involving several separate component development activities, may require a series of “nested” test plans.


The Primary purpose of this document is to establish a test plan for the testing activities that will verify the ICICIC as a high quality product that meets the specified requirements. These activities will focus upon identifying the following:


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ICICIC January 2010 Release is focused on the Census Issues and ‘New Client Requirements’ implemented in this release. Manual Testing Team is responsible for all types of testing performed on this release and will ensure that existing functionality is not affected for the specified list of clients. The objective of this test plan is to accomplish - using a comprehensive and methodical testing process done by Manual Testing Team.  The primary objective of this process is to uncover the systems limitations and functionality and measure its full capabilities.

See below for detailed process and a brief explanation:

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Reference Documents

The table below identifies the documents and their availability, used for developing the test plan.

(Version / Date)

Received / Reviewed

Author / Resource

Product Requirements Document

þ Yes  o No

Product Management

Use Case Reports

þ Yes  o No

Product Management

System Design Specifications

þ Yes  o No

Product Management

Users Manuals

o Yes  þ No

Product Management

Business Functions and Rules (Test Data)

o Yes  þ No

Product Management

Requirements Traceability Matrix

þ Yes  o No

Software Quality Assurance Testing (Manual Testing Team)

Test Scenarios (Census Issues)

þ Yes  o No

Software Quality Assurance Testing (Manual Testing Team)


Code Freeze Date

Scheduled code freeze date for January 2010 release is 12/07/2009. Any items included after would be by exception and approval only. Our assumption is that any code changes made after that date will be implemented for next release.

Change Control

After baseline, all changes must be approved and documented by product development.  If it is agreed that the change is necessary, the impact to development and testing must be agreed upon by the Tester and Director of Quality & Release Management, Manager, Product Development, Product Manager and Sr. VP of Product.  This may (or may not) affect the planned completion date of the product. All changes are updated under change control ticket 12345.


The ICICI Maintenance Release will be in the January 2010.  This test plan document provides information on testing new features and enhancements to be released in 01/31/2010. Test Plan Documentation is developed using the reference documents from Product Requirements and System Design Documents from product management and development, and also some Census Issues and it explains in detail, how the test activates are planned to test new features in ICICIC and as well as exiting ICICIC

Test Items

This section of the plan should identify all of the elements covered by the testing tasks within the scope of the plan.  Each item to be tested should be unambiguously identified.  The nature of the identifier will in many cases vary according to the level of testing.  Identification may be linked (where possible) to the Configuration Management system; most test items will be identified as configuration items.

New Product Features to Be Tested

Below is a list of features that will be tested. 

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ACE 2011.101 (Car loan)






ACE 2011.125 (Education loan)






ACE 2011.0901 (credit card loan)






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Please refer to RTM for More Details.


Features Excluded from testing

Below is a list of features that will be tested.

Description of Excluded Item

Reason Excluded

Unit testing or “white box” testing

Development is responsible for this.  We test it using a “black box” approach (i.e. we can not see the code, but we expect the code to work per the specifications.


Test Matrix

Below is a list of test cases used and developed for testing. 

Test Case ID

Requirement ID

Test Case Description

Test Case Status




In Progress


ICICI. 2011.0205

Car loan

In Progress



Educational Loan

In Progress


Read Me



Test Case ID

Unique Test Case number to be given depending on the Type of the Testing Service

Manual Testing – SYS (System)

ICICI – Product Version

RMM – Release Month

001 – Test Case number by which product deployed first into the release

Requirement ID

ACE = Agile Client Enhancement


2011 = Year

000 = Date of the Assignment of the ID


Test Case Description

Test Case Name should map with Product Requirement Doc and SDS doc


Test Case Completed or Inprogress or In Complete


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